Baobab Tourisme Senegal
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Nos Partenaires

Baobab services works with very serious partners in the field of comfortable cars, hotels (hotel 3, 4 and 5 star of your choice) and real estate (villa or apartment of your choice)

Rent a car:

Captours, MK location, madinatoul mounawara location


Dakar hotels: Sokhamon, Lagon, Savana, Pullman, Novotel, Ganalé, Résidence NDiambour, Dalal hotels (dakar, gorée et st louis) , Groupe NIwa (residence de charme hoteliere, traiteur, camping)

Saly hotels: Villas Teranga

Somone hotels: Baobab decameron, Africaqueen

Hôtels de Saint-Louis: Hôtel Sindone

  St germain (Goree Island)